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How I got internship offer at Goldman Sachs

1. What have you learned during that last 100+ hours training with your mentor that you think contributed the most to your job search success? (In term of technical skill set, networking/ interviewing skill, self awareness, career/ time management skills, etc)

  • Behavioral: Develope my own story on why I want to be a Financial Analyst. Show why I chose Goldman Sachs; what was my knowledge about the firm; how can I fit in Goldman’s culture. Tell the story passionately.

  • Technical:

  1. Read and analyze the macroeconomics news (the Wall Street Journal). Giving out your own thought on a macro event (make sure it is correct and makes sense).

  2. Basic finance knowledge: 3 financial statement, the relationship between bond and the interest rate, etc

  • Networking:

  1. Targeted networking with a purpose

  2. Reach out politely and ask for a coffee chat/ phone call

  3. Use your school’s alumni network

  4. Use LinkedIn to connect to employees in your targeted firms

2. Did you look for help before you attended CPI program? Why did you choose CPI in the first place? Is that the right decision? Why?

  • No, I just researched about the industry on the Internet and had conversation with people working in there.

  • I chose CPI because the team shares the same background with me (international students, business majors). Most important, they have good experience and a strong passion to help students in finding a job after graduation.

3. Whats your biggest challenge? How did your mentor support you to overcome it?

  • Faith in myself. Goldman Sachs is a big name, and its recruiting process is very competitive. I did not even think that I would have got into the interview because I did not have any previous experience in banking before.

  • CPI team always supports me and guide me through any obstacle. Anh Linh said, “Just do it. You lose nothing.”

4. What do you think you would recommend to other students who want to break into GS? (Some sort of advice)

  • Prepare in advance to gain a competitive advantage

  • Find you a good mentor that fit you and your goal

  • Emphazise on networking

  • Focus at school. Create a strong foundation.

5. Will you recommend CPI to other finance students?

  • Absolutely

Meet and ask Nam Dang more details about his finance recruiting process at the Career Roadmap 4.0 Online Workshop

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