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100+ hours of hard-work to open the door to Investment Banking

Interview with Chloe Thao Tran, one of CPI successful students in 2018: How she overcame many obstacles to win total 8 interviews, 3 superday interviews with leading banks and one final offer and full summer salary and bonus offer at CIBC (New York).

1) What have you learned during that last 100+ hours training with your mentor that you think contributed the most to your job search success? (In term of technical skill set, networking/ interviewing skill, self awareness, career/ time management skills, etc)

  • Behavioral: Build a convincing story about why investment banking with a long track history of experiences, outcomes and reflection. Tell the story passionately.

  • Technicals: Know basic technicals well: 3 financial statements, valuation models and macroeconomic news. Prepare a presentation to show the interviewers because the basics are not enough to stand out.

  • Networking: Targeted networking with a purpose and consistent back-and-forth follow-up for coffee chats, news briefs and career updates.

  • Have a back-up: Recruit in secrecy while working for another company is hard but is a good back up. I never know when I need a back-up offer when I don’t have any other offer this season.

2) Did you look for help before you attended CPI program? Why did you choose Mr. Anh Tran in the first place? Is that the right decision? Why?

No, I just researched on my own and talked with people in investment banking at school.

I chose him because he’s been in the industry for a long-time, have the same background (international student, high school here) and recruiting route (2 years banking, hedge fund 1, hedge fund 2), from a non-target (so he really knows what to do to stand out). Most importantly, he cares more about my drive to break into the industry, rather than my starting point (after the first call)

3) Whats your biggest challenge? How did your mentor support you to overcome it?

Faith in myself. I was late to recruiting for banking (I only decided to officially recruit for banking in July while most banks already finalized their SA class in April). Therefore, after each rejections or missed deadlines, my morale hit rock bottom.

“Just do it” mantra from my mentor and the progress tracker kept me going.

4) What do you think you would recommend to other students who want to break into Investment Banking? (Some sort of advice)

Get a good mentor. Actually reflect internally if this is something you want to do for the long-term, before committing to recruiting.

5) Will you recommend Mr. Anh Tran to other finance students?

Yes, 1000/10.

Meet and ask Chloe Tran more details about her banking recruiting process at the Career Roadmap 4.0 Online Workshop

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