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Building Computer Science career track since early years in college - advice from an Amazon expert

Mr. Tuan Thi is currently working as a Senior Research Engineer at Amazon, one of the "Four Horsemen" of technology along with Google, Apple and Facebook. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He has been working for Canon, Placemeter and TripAdvisor on camera analytics, virtual reality and recommender system. He owns more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and several patents in Deep Learning and Video Analytics.

Tuan is also the cofounder and CTO of EyeQ, a Vietnamese startup that uses Computer Vision to solve business analytics. In addition, Tuan created a site where users can search for real salary records at most US firms.

He joins CPI as Lead Career Advisor for Computer Science Division and is among one of the most dedicated mentors. His broad range of industry knowledge and experiences, powerful network and great attention to students’ career and learning progress are all that make him an amazing Computer Science mentor.

TOP 3 things Mr. Tuan Thi hopes Computer Science students, who dream to build their paths to TOP technology companies, will think hard about:

  • Systematic: Come up with a smart and consistent practice strategy, cover one topic at a time, study the most fundamental examples in each topic, and always relate new questions to these examples

  • Proactive: Need to understand finding a good job is super important for a student (even more important than finishing your degree). If you have that awareness in mind, all your actions will lead you towards that goal

  • Dedicated: Need to practice gradually, one Leetcode problem at a time, aim for Medium level problems

Meet and attend his Strategy Building Plan Session at Career Roadmap 4.0 Online Workshop Register here:

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